BN University organised seminar on Security Market and Investment Plans

BN University organised seminar on Security Market and Investment Plans

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Bhupal Nobles’ University Udaipur in association with the Faculty of Law and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) subsidiary body called NSDL ( National Security Depository  Limited) organised a seminar of one day to bring forth the concept of “Conscious Consumer – Protected Consumer”. Keeping in context the common issues for financial awareness in respect of financial savings, securities while dealing with capital market and stock exchange depository rules, regulations, policies, schemes and the government of India’s steps to protect the investment and the investor by way of the Resolution of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) – a non-statutory body constituted on April 8th, 1988. The Panel of the speakers were Bhagwaan Das ji, Mr Pankaj ji and Mr Manish Sharmaji. The speakers provided knowledge about market security features, SEBI’s role to regulate, to promote and to protect the interest of the common investor regarding investment through sale and purchase of shares, mutual funds, gold accounts in units of liquidity, and discussed about NSDL’s online set up for registration, addressing grievances in case of misplaced or displaced, loss or damage of investor’s securities in shares or in mutual funds or in other form of saving cum investment that has been not properly taken care of either by bank, or the company or the trading broker. The Speakers also emphasized upon SIP or small scale investment that has a short term target of profit in units of the capital market, but is important in understanding long term goals and requirements through mutual funds. They spoke about KYC documents, whose confidentiality is as important as all accounts opened through NSDL that is saving, demat, trading besides regularly monitoring funds, securities etc. Besides this they also focused on the subject of filing a complaint and the procedure, or to pursue the dissatisfaction through arbitration or to go for appeal if things go haywire due to downfall of the market securities or due to missing liabilities and responsibility of the company’s equity. Dr Kamal Singh coordinated The seminar. The seminar was presided by the BNU Registrar Parvat Singhji Rathore, who welcomed the guests and speakers. In the panel discussion Dr Jayshree Singh HOD English, Dr Siddhraj S Sisodia from Pharmacy participated along with the students. The vote of thanks was conveyed by the placement and IT officer Dr Jitendra Shrimali.

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